How to wash your products

Tips to conserve your clothes

Delicate items require certain care in washing. Always check the instructions and watch up the symbols on the manufacturers label. Here are some general tips to help conserve your clothes:

- Wash by hand with mild soap

- If machine wash use low temperatures

- Do not use bleach, chlorine or washing powder

- Do not use too much softener

- Do not dry clean

- Not left to soak

- Products with bright colors and neon should not be left to soak

- Dry immediately after washing

- Do not use dryer machine

- Do not use iron

Extra care with neon or fluorescent color clothes

Tissues in these colors tend to drop pigments into the water. Thus, we should not wash with other parts even colored. When drying also should not let the water run to other parts of the piece as it may stain.

By following these tips you will be washing your clothes correctly. Recalling that problems caused during washing are not responsibility of the store. If you have questions about washing and drying a specific product please contact us or if you prefer directly with the manufacturer.

If you experience problems after washing, please contact the product manufacturer for further information.

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Ana C.
Brasília - DF - Brasil

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